(REVISION – Oct 19, 2004)
ARTICLE I – Memberships
Section 1: Any person of good character shall be eligible for membership as provided in the Constitution.
Section 2: Honorary memberships may be extended to persons deemed worthy by the Board and shall be in recognition of services rendered the Federation or of contributions to the aims and purposes of the Federation, but they shall have no vote nor hold any office.
Section 3: A member in good standing is one whose dues are current and fulfills the requirements of membership as provided in the By-Laws. An honorary member is one whose membership has been conveyed by the Board of Directors and whose duties are waived by the Board of Directors.
Section 4: Members in good standing shall be eligible to hold office and to vote on all questions at general membership meeting or vote by mail when applicable.
Section 5: Any member charged with conduct harmful or prejudicial to the purposes or interest of the Federation or its members, or that causes or may tend to cause injury or embarrassment to the Federation, or in violation of its BY?LAWS and rules, shall be subject to citation to appear before the Board of Directors, it shall inform such member, in writing, of the nature of the complaint against him, giving him not less than fifteen (15) days notice to appear before the Board of Directors to answer thereto, and if, upon hearing, the Board of Directors shall be satisfied of the truth of the charge or complaint, the Board may censure or suspend such member if, in its judgment, the interests of the Federation demand such action. The Board of Directors may ask such member to resign or the Board may expel him as a member of the Federation. An affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3rds) of the members of the Board of Directors present at such hearing shall be necessary for expulsion or suspension of a member of the Federation. The action of the Board of Directors shall be final and conclusive and such member shall have no right of appeal from its decision.
Section 1: Membership dues shall be determined yearly by the Board of Directors and are payable annually each year.
ARTICLE III – Board of Directors
Section 1: The Board of Directors shall consist of at least fifteen (15) members who shall govern and manage the Federation and its property, shall control the appropriation of its funds, and authorize all contracts and purchases..
Section 2: The Board of Directors shall consist of the Officers, the immediate past President and the Directors.
Section 3: The President shall have authority to call special meetings of the Board of Directors, as he deems necessary.
Section 4: At the Annual Meeting of the Federation, the President shall make a full report of the happenings during the preceding year and recommend such measures as it may seem advisable.
Section 5: The Board of Directors may fill any vacancy among the Officers or Directors or may create a new Directorship by a vote of the majority of those present at a regular monthly meeting of said Board. The person so appointed or elected shall hold office until the next Annual Meeting of the Chapter or until his successor is elected.
Section 6: Any member of the Board of Directors who shall absent himself from three (3) consecutive meetings of the Board, unless he shall have previously obtained permission to do so or shall present at the next monthly meeting an excuse for his absence satisfactory to the Majority of the Board present, shall be deemed to have resigned as a member of the said Board and cease to be a member thereof.
ARTICLE IV – Officers
Section 1: The Officers of the Federation shall be from the general membership and consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
Section2: The President shall preside at all meeting of the Federation and Board of Directors and at all special meetings where his presence is required. He shall act as the chief executive officer of the Federation and in general, perform the duties usually associated with the office of President. He shall appoint the Chairman of all committees with the advice and approval of the Board of Directors, except the Nominating Committee. He may appoint special committees as required. The President shall be ex-officio of all committees. He shall present an annual progress report of the year’s activities and award recognition for outstanding service, at the annual meeting of the Chapter
Section 3: The Vice-President shall aid the President in the performance of his duties and in case of the absence of the President, shall preside at the meetings of the Federation and the Board of Directors. In the event that the President shall be unable to serve, the Vice-President shall succeed to that position until the next regular election the Vice-President will supervise, directly or indirectly, the work of the various committees, except the Nominating Committees and make regular progress reports. He shall undertake such other responsibilities as the President may assign.
Section 4: The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of the proceedings and business of all regular, special and Board of Directors meetings and take care of all books, papers and reports of the Federation other than financial, subject to call by the President or the Board of Directors. He shall distribute to committee chairman such information as needed at appropriate times and shall be responsible for return of such information to the files. He shall endeavor to keep the membership informed of all actions pending or in progress. He shall also order all supplies necessary for the operation of the Federation at the direction of the Board of Directors or the President, with the exception of immediate supply of materials necessary to perform his duties.
Section 5: The Treasurer shall keep the accounts of the Federation, receive all moneys, pay bills when properly approved and preserve vouchers for all payments. He shall bring the check book and all books and records deemed necessary, to each monthly meeting of the Board of Directors and shall make a statement of the current financial condition of the Federation.. He shall surrender all books, records and checkbooks, for an audit at the request of the Board of Directors, for the discharge of his duties, with sureties to be approved by the Board of Directors.
Section 6: The Officers and Directors of the Federation shall serve for a term of one (1) year following their election and President shall not be elected for more than two (2) consecutive terms.
ARTICLE V – Standing Committees
Section 1: The Standing Committee shall be: Tournament Committee.
Section 2: Special Committees may be appointed by the President with the approval of the Board of Directors as the need arises.
Section 3: Terms of all committee members shall expire at the conclusion of the activity/event or the January Board meeting.
ARTICLE VI – Duties of Standing Committees
Section 1: Tournament Committee.  This committee shall run the Federation tournaments, and includes but is not limited to: setting the tournament calendar, writing and enforcing the rules, judging, purchasing and awarding of prizes.
ARTICLE VII – Annual Meeting
Section 1: The General Membership meeting held in June will be known as the Annual Meeting of the Downriver Walleye Federation with the date and time of the meeting established by the Board of Directors.
Section 2: Notices of Annual and Special Meetings ? Notice of every annual or special meeting of the Federation shall be mailed to every voting member at least ten (10) days before the date of such meeting. The notice of a special meeting shall state the object for which such meeting was called and no other business than that specified in the notice shall be transacted at the meeting.
Section 3: Quorum at any annual or special meeting of the members of the Federation – A quorum shall consist of fifty one (51%) percent of the voting members present. No proxies shall be accepted or allowed to be voted.
ARTICLE VIII – Special Meetings
Section 1: A special meeting of the Federation shall be called upon a resolution of the majority of the Board of Directors or whenever fifty (50) voting members of the Federation shall give the President a written request for the same, specifying the object of the meeting.
ARTICLE IX – Election of Directors
Section 1: The required number of Directors shall be elected at the October General meeting. Those elected will assume office effective January 1st .
Section 2: There shall be a Nominating Committee. This committee is to be appointed by the Board of Directors at a meeting, held at least sixty (60) days prior to the October General meeting. The committee will place in nomination for Directors up to twice as many as there are vacancies to be filled at the annual election. Voting members of the Chapter may nominate other candidates for the directorate. Such nominations shall be in writing, shall be signed by the members making them and shall be at twenty (20) days before the election.
Section 3: After the nominations have been made, the Board of Directors shall cause the names of all candidates to be printed on a ballot and mailed to each voting member at least ten (10) days before the October General meeting. The ballots which have been returned prior to, or at, the October General meeting shall be counted by three tellers appointed by the Nominating Committee and the results announced at the annual meeting.
Section 4 Notice shall be sent to each candidate upon his election, together with a copy of the BY-LAWS of the Federation.
ARTICLE X – Amendments
Section 1: These BY-LAWS may be amended or supplemented by a vote of two thirds (2/3rds) of the voting members of the Federation present and entitled to vote at any meeting of the membership.
This are the current By-Laws as approved and adopted by the membership on October 19, 2004